Thursday, 17 November 2011

just click and learn :)

Isn't it amazing to know the fact that language learners can actually make full use of just one website in order to learn new languages? In this entry, I would love to explain about a website which is called click and learn, an educational language website developed in Spanish, and specially designed to meet the needs of modern language learners. This website is quite special since it provides 4 different language versions, which are English, French, Spanish, and Valencia. The first thing that catches my interest about this website is definitely the variety of language activities provided therefore this website is a highly recommended to all learners from all over the world.

In order to begin the exploration of many interesting language activities in this website, you just need to click on the MENU button and within seconds, a few small boxes will appear at the upper left of the screen. These buttons are actually representing the level of students and the activities which have been specially designed for them. If you are a 2 ESO learner, just click on the specific button and a few selection of activities will pop up.

The good thing about this website is that for most of the activities, the learners will be introduced to the form and function of that particular grammar point. As for the example, the relevance of using past tense form is highlighted in the first slide of the activity page. By explicitly explain how past tenses should work in the sentence, it will definitely boost up the learners awareness thus prepares them to be familiar with the sentence structure. The example of the so called notes are as below.

After you have successfully explained the use of past tense in the sentence, the learners will then be assigned with a few exercises in which purposely created to test their understanding about the grammar point. Usually, a clear instruction will be given in the first place in order to facilitate the learner through out the exercises. Examples of exercises are as below.

The pros and cons about this website are :
  1. Visual and oral activity are quite balanced and students may enjoy its colourful layout.
  2. Level of interactivity / clicks might be a bit interesting as students need to deal with kineasthetic learning style(clicking the mouse in order to move the cursor)
  3. Quality of images is quite good and attractive to young learners.
  4. Most instructions are clear enough to be understood.
  5. Engagement and interest are available as personalisation is very much focused on especially while selecting the task.
  6. Feedback is provided at the end of every practice therefore the students may know what their weaknesses are.
  7. The flow of the task is NOT that organised and it differs in different tasks.
  8. Context of the lesson is organised according to students' age level 
  9. Focus on practice
  10. Navigation: too bad because once you've made a mistake,you will always need to start all over again.
  11. There's an enormous amount of activity available!
  12. Level and age are provided.
  13. Unfortunately there's no back button in case you wanna go to the previous page.


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