Monday, 5 December 2011

Adobe Connect

What is so fabulous about ADOBE CONNECT? how would this tool benefit a language learning?
Well in this entry, I will explain how adobe connect may work for a language learning classroom. Basically Adobe Connect is the most basic tool which is needed for a long distance classroom. The teacher can always act as the mastermind in the classroom but it is the students who should do all the interactions and enthusiastically learn the language :)

How could this tool be used in the classroom?

  1. The teacher could use this tool as an alternative to a new environment of language learning.
  2. Students might get a little bit excited to involve in a long distance classroom therefore they'll be pretty much motivated to take part in the classroom and learn the language :P
  3. This tools can act as an interactive board fro learning to take place since students are allowed to post relevant links, photos, audio and et cetera during the online classroom.
  4. The teacher can also give make a summary of what they have learned in the real classroom, in other words, feedback session can be done in this long distance learning.
What I like about this tool?
  1. Amazing website as it allows maximum interaction between the teacher and the students!
  2. its free,in the first place so you really have to sign up for an account to permanently use this tool.
  3. Fun and interesting way of learning!
  4. Sharing files is always at your fingertip!easy and simple.
  5. Many useful buttons and features available, they are all useful for language learning to take place.
  6. Involves language skills like speaking listening writing and reading.Its a complete and 'all rounded tool'!
What I dont like about this tool?
  1. Its NOT free unless you sign up for it.
  2. No two way of interaction can really take place because too many noises made (during the discussion for example) may be quite disturbing!
  3. You really need to know the function of every single buttons in the tool otherwise, real problem will take place!
  4. That's so unreasonable for the teacher to actually monitor what the students are doing since they are all at different places.

Trial version of Adobe Connect

Some tutorials on how you would work in it by yourself!


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