Thursday, 13 October 2011


What is Dvolver? is definitely the coolest website for students to come up with their very own movies. Acting as the director, students are allowed to choose their preferred settings, characters and write down their own scripts in the timeline. This website is suitable for students with low and intermediate level of English, as this activity provides a platform for them to freely write about their thoughts. Precisely,  the young learners, aged between 10 to 15 years old can make full use of this website to indulge in their creativity by creating an interesting short movie.

The advantages of this website are:

1) Students can express their thoughts and creativity through making movies.
2) Flexible choice of words and language allow students to practically use the target language.
2) This activity encourages students to work on things by themselves, thus increases their level of autonomy learning.
3) If the activity is done in pairs or in groups, students may develop a face-to-face interaction in which may enhance their communication skill.
4) It can expose students to the world of technology and motivates them to learn new language.
5) The colourful visual may enhance students interest in learning language and make the lesson fun to the fullest.

However,the drawbacks could be:

1) A little bit time consuming as students with different level of proficiency may take longer time to finish the task.
2) Limited choices of settings,characters and situation thus may limit students' creativity.
3) Inappropriate use of language may occur as students are not fully monitored while creating the dialogues.


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