Thursday, 3 November 2011


Dreaming of having an interactive wall for discussion with your students/colleagues/mates/friends etc? is THE ONE that you're looking for!

This amazing interactive white board or wall is designed for open brainstorming, discussion or even thoughts sharing among a group of people. The only main thing which is needed is the builder of the wall,whose account should be signed up to the wallwisher account. During general use in a language learning classroom, the teacher must sign up in order to be the builder of the wall. Once you have signed up for the wallwisher account, you can simply create the topic of the day. Say for an example above, the information about the wall builder can be found at the upper right of the wall. The group members do not have to sign up in order to post their opinions on the wall but they can just type in the url which has been set up by the wall builder. For example in this discussion the topic of the wall is about bubblr therefore the URL of the wall is 

The good things about this tool:
1. Learners can freely express their thoughts and ideas by directly post the notes on the wall. Since this is a public wall (they must know the exact url in order to join the discussion set up by the builder of the wall), all of the invited members are able to see and respond to any of the sticky notes.Usually the notes are presented in bubbles which allow you to put in your name, add image, audio or video link.
2. Students can also enhance their language use by expressing their opinions in the target language.
3. Fun, funky and acts as an interactive way of learning. Students might be interested to join the discussion as it provides various choice of colours, movable bubbles, as well as the delete or undo button in case they need to remove or make some changes to their bubbles.

However, the downsides might be:
1. Too little too explain since the bubble only allow 160 characters in one bubble.
2. This tool does not really encourage proper use of language since learners might only go for short forms or even simpler sentence to meet to word limit of the bubble.
3. The wall might become too crowded if there're too many bubbles being posted on the wall. This might distract learners' focus and might overlook the most important and relevant ideas.
4. Only compatible images, audio and video links can be posted on the wall.This may demotivate some learners if they cant post the link that they prefer.


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