Thursday, 13 October 2011

lyrics training.

Here comes another awesome learning website for English learners throughout the world. Lyrics is a very well recommended website for learners who love learning English with music. From this website, learners can choose any song from their favorite singers,listen to the lyrics and fill in the empty gaps,all at once. Don't worry if you missed any of the words because the application will automatically pause until you get the right words keyed in. If you still unable to find the word, just click on the help button and everything will be sorted out.

This website is suitable for all level of English learners as there are three selections of level provided which are for the beginner,intermediate and expert.

The positives about this site:

1) It is undeniably amazing to learn language just through listening to songs.
2) It may act as a tool for personal listening practice for learners.
3) Suitable for all level of learners.
2) A very precise tool. Both listening and writing skills are compiled in just one activity.
3) Young learners may see this approach as one of the most suitable way to learn a language.
4) Increase learners' vocabulary and lexical item as they may discover any new word in the lyrics.
5) It is a quite efficient application since learners just need to type in the missing words but if only they were 
     unable to get the correct word, the song will automatically pause for awhile.

The not so positives may be: 

1) Some songs may not be appropriate for learners especially the young ones. It could be in terms of the      
    appropriateness of words, the spelling, the grammar as well as the sentence structure. 


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