Thursday, 13 October 2011

lets listen and write!

Hello peeps, now let me introduce another superb and catchy website for learners to master English in a fun way. You can actually improve your listening skills as well as know current issues that happening all over the world just by clicking this listen and write. Its gonna be pretty much exciting for most level of  English learners.

This website allows learners to select authentic topics provided in the list. Once the choices are made, they are expected to listen to the recorded voice and write down the whole sentence in the box. Here is the example of 3 types of mode available for learners, absolutely differed in terms of difficulty level.

Useful things about this website:

1) It can act as a medium for students to practice their listening skill, independently.
2) Students can always take time to listen carefully.
3) There's no time limit to finish the listening task.
2) Expose students to real and authentic listening materials.
3) Encourage autonomous learning.
4) Definitely not a boring,but a fun way to learn new vocab and new language style.

1) It can be quite annoying to listen to the repeated recorded audio as long as you did not get the correct 
    word typed in.
2) You can never playback the audio even though you click on the pause button, everything will start from the beginning!


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